Record a profitable online course

Will this Course Sell?

A big question for most course creators it "Will this course sell?" The second biggest question is "Is it worth my time and energy to create this course?

There is a way to validate your ideas with real people, experts in the field, and massive aggregated data. I will show you how in this free mini-course.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Avoid the pain of wasting time by validating your course idea before you make your course. In this mini-course James shares the lessons he has learned from passive income experts and course creation masters. He has templates for you to use and step-by-step instructions to follow.

Start with what you Love, Know, and Can Do.

It all starts with you. Start from a place of strength and confidence. Review 5 places where you can discover your strongest topic to teach.

Validate Your Topic With People

The 2 questions you need to ask real people to find the profit in your ideas.

Validate Your Topic with Expert

Where can you find an abundance of expert knowledge on your subject with vetted material, course layout options, along with honest reviews of their content? I will show you how in this course.

Validate Your Topic with Massive Data Aggregation

There is no surprise that Google collects every thing that is typed into the search bar. Use the predictive text feature of Google to discover what people want to know bout your topic.

Support and Accountability

At Course Creation Studio we believe every therapist can create a life-changing course to help other people.

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