At Course Creation Studio we believe in the power of expert healers in the mental health field. Every therapist has a great course inside them. We are on a mission to help therapists create their dream courses for their dream students. We do this through step-by-step guides and templates combined with the support and encouragement needed to get results.

Benefits of Creating an Online Course

Benefit #1: Increase Prices

An online course allows teachers to assign a class and then charge more for their individual attention. When you provide value without being personally involved that means your personal time is more valuable .

Benefit #2: Automated Income

Once online course is created they can be sold automatically. Relaunches can provide additional income. A course can be relaunched at strategic times, tax time, school, time, holidays, winter blues, and any other reoccurring event.

Benefit #3 Improve Customer Satisfaction

Use courses to extend your service or explain how to get the most use from your services. A happy customer is more likely to purchase more from you in the future.

Benefit #4: List Building

Lists convert more sales than social media. If you control your client list, you control your sales. Courses and templates build lists.

Benefit #5: Sales Funnel

Free and low cost content allow you to get an audience with potential clients who will buy additional products. The free content builds trust and a relationship. A client who knows and trusts you will be more likely to purchase again from you.

Benefit #6: Expanding reach while decreasing costs

Live events limit reach. Online courses have no borders. Online courses have less cost than live events. No traveling and no printed resources. Experts can break free of their location and help people as far as the internet can reach.

Hi, I’m James Marland, founder of Course Creation Studio. I want every therapist to create the course of their dreams, to help their dream clients, and to profit from their expert knowledge.